Whether accompanied by a quartet, a big band, or performing with a B-3 organ trio, one thing is absolutely certain – Maurice Frank takes center stage. His silky, texture laden voice is always swinging with intuitive and soulful phrasing and deeply personal interpretations of a wide range of Great American Songbook standards, and contemporary jazz and blues melodies. Backed by some of the most skillful and experienced "A list" musicians, Maurice, or "Moe" as his friends call him has developed a devoted following over the years playing in a variety of East Coast venues, from intimate restaurant and club settings and private events, to open-air concerts and festivals. Along the way, he has established himself as a truly unique vocalist in the tradition of some of the genre’s greatest singers.


“The best way to demonstrate how some of the great jazz and popular musicians and vocalists have inspired me, and show them respect, is to always be aware of their continual influence to my interpretations. This helps me keep the tunes fluid and fresh" Maurice said.

He also is a devotee of melodic lyricism. “To do any tune justice, vocally or instrumentally, you have to understand the lyrical groove as well as the melodical.”


Maurice’s musical roots go back to his years growing up in south Yonkers, New York, listening to many of the jazz greats of the day. As a child, he could be heard on weekends singing for the locals to the jukebox in his parent’s neighborhood saloon. Even then, singing was at the core of his performances. “I'll never forget, they would play, Nat Cole, Sinatra, Mel Torme' , Ray Charles, Louie Prima, and Tony Bennett among many others for me to sing along with,” Maurice said.


As a child he studied drums and tenor sax, but as his talents grew, Maurice sang more and more frequently performing with his high school jazz/rock ensemble, singing regularly in a local rock group, and occasionally performing with his teachers on wedding and society gigs.

Today Maurice continues to perform regularly in New York, Florida, and every where in between, making the tunes he loves to sing his own!